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Outerspace is the official working title of a space exploration RPG based on the classic PC game Starflight. Starflight was written by binary systems (Five Brilliant Programmers) and published by Electronic Arts for the PC in 1986. It was an enormous software engineering accomplishment. Click here for more information regarding Starflight.

Outerspace needs a few good volunteers!

We are taking applications for developers and anyone that can help out with plotwork and artwork. We've reached a critical point. The project has been converted to C#, so experience with that would be appropriate. There are breakthroughs on the way, but we need your help to finish before exploring the stars becomes a reality!

Contact us if you wish to help.

News 04/14/08

  • I've posted a new video! (This is the last VB.NET build about two months ago.)
  • We are mostly debugging lately after the C# conversion.
--- Gregg B.

News 02/11/08

  • Yes, we are still working..
  • We've finished porting the game elements to the current GUI system.
  • A story has been drafted. The races are nearly finalized.
  • Efforts are underway to port all of Outerspace to C#. (not as scary as it sounds.) This should speed development.
  • I'm working on an awesome new texturing method. Screenshots soon.
  • I'm done with some new starmap gadgetry, though it might get scraped or rewritten.
  • We will soon star begging like pathetic Spemin bloobies for an artist.
  • Lastly, I've got to stop playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. multiplayer.
--- Gregg B.

News 06/15/07

  • We took a bit of a hiatus there, but we're baaaack.
  • I'm working on an economic model for the StarPort Trade Depot and other locations, plus adding an internal game clock.
--- Jason H.

News 03/26/07

  • We now have a new team member. Matt has been helping out for a few weeks. He will be helping out with development etc..
  • We've been working on migrating the universe data to XML. (I think Jason has it done, actually)
  • We've also been working on some plot elements.
  • Here is a quick help document for those that want to download any of the builds: Outerspace Help.
--- Gregg B.

News 11/12/06

  • A NEW BUILD is now available!
  • See the blog for details.
  • Enjoy!
--- Gregg B.

News 11/01/06

  • NEW Developer Blogs now available! Check often for updates.
  • We implemented a new main menu screen (partially functional) and a new method of maintaining game state.
  • I'm currently working on a 3D version of solar systems. Nothing too fancy at the moment. I will post updates on the new blog feature.
  • Gregg is porting the messaging system to our windowing system.
  • I can't make a good starport mesh. Its ugly and it never displays right. I have no patience with Milkshape 3D. If anyone out there would like to help out and make me a 3D model of a starport using Milkshape, I would be greatful. I'll scan in a concept drawing soon.
  • We really should post a new build. :)
--- Jason H.

News 9/15/06

  • I have not done much work lately, very busy buying/moving into a new house.
  • We are thinking about an improved method of planet rendering.
  • There is progress being made on the starport functionality.
  • Expect a new video soon!
  • And, yes, we still need an artist, but it's not a deal breaker IMHO.
    • A game will happen without one.
--- Gregg B.

News 7/12/06

  • We are still actively seeking an artist.
  • We have a nice GUI prototype with listboxes, freetext, the works!
  • Lifeform creation and simple AI has been worked on and partially implemented
  • Planet side weather including day/night, snow/rain effects have been implemented
  • A few meshes for the planetside life are done.
  • I've been doing a code audit of the terrain and mapping functions.
--- Gregg B.

News 3/06/06

  • We have two contributing programmers now. Things are progressing more quickly. I'm comfortable with the size of our team.
  • The terrain algorithms are in place. Landing and scanning new terrain works better now.
  • Still some bugs to work on, terrain wise.
  • Our new programmer is working on implementation of crew and race classes.
  • An experienced composer has agreed to help us with the soundtrack. I'm thrilled!
  • An artist would still be very useful. See below if you wish to contribute!
  • There are some new downloads available. See here
--- Gregg B.

News 2/07/06

  • The "team" picked up a new programmer. It was just me for the longest time.
  • Our new member will be working on an encounter engine. A very exciting new feature set, if I may say. All this terrian stuff is wearing me down!
  • Stay tuned for some major updates.
--- Gregg B.

News 12/31/05

  • I'm currently working on a new build. I've been absent for quite a while, busy with my job.
  • Features in the new build will include a more regular planet map with a grid like organization. Also included, new landing functionality, circular (i.e. you can't drive off the edge of the flat planet) terrian exploration, and perhaps some new sprites for the terrian vehicle.
  • Some screenshots from the latest build:
--- Gregg B.